Amateurs can start with the foothills of Rishikesh which nowadays are home to various adventure camps, settled on the banks of the river Ganga. Owing to which camping tours in this part of India comprise various adventure expeditions like river rafting and trekking. On moving north, serious campers would find their home in the high altitudes of the Greater Himalayas; parts of Ladakh, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. These spots in northern India invite great possibilities for adventure sports like paragliding, mountaineering, and rock climbing, which are significant camping inclusions tours provided by Tourism Of India.


Tour Packages of Camping



For all those who love spending their nights under the stars, around a bonfire with friends, and backpacking in nature, camping tour packages in India are undoubtedly their best options. The country being subjugated by the highest mountain range in the world offers some of the best panoramic outdoors and hence no shortage of camping sites.



What Seven Destination offers in Tour Packages Camping?


Seven Destination always respects the feeling of our clients. We know people from different places and ages have a variety of tastes. So, We plan a tour and package according to your needs.


  • TUTC Glamping in Ladakh Tour of Camping
  • Sunderbans Jungle Camp Tour of Camping 
  • Rafting & Camping Tour of Camping
  • White Water River Rafting Tour of Camping



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