India rewards its adventure enthusiast visitors with incredible options to get a dose of adrenalin rush. The snowcapped peaks, depths of azure waters, fast-flowing rivers, and verdant forests offer great scope for adventures. Go trekking, camping, river rafting, hiking, scuba divining, snorkeling, surfing, paragliding, bungee jumping, adventure escapades of bike tours, jeep safari tours, elephant safari, and other thrilling activities.




Choose Adventure Tour Packages with us. Plan to explore the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, the lush environs of Western Ghats, frozen treks to the hike to valley of flowers, fast rivers of Ganga, Indus, and Beas have white river rafting thrills, crystal clear waters of Andaman, Goa, and Lakshadweep or the forests are a good place for safaris and getting to view wildlife in their natural form. Enjoy the thrills and get away from the hustle-bustle of cities.



What Seven Destinations offers in Tour Packages of Adventure?

Seven Destination always respects the feeling of our clients. We know people from different places and ages have a variety of tastes. So, We plan a tour and package according to your needs.


  • Trans Himalayan Jeep Safari Tour

Best in Trans Himalayan Jeep Safari Tour
Embark on an adventure that will take you through some of the most beautiful places in the world, the Himalayas and the snow-capped mountains of Ladakh. You will get a chance to explore Leh Lakh and the different regions of the Himalayas. You will get a chance to meet the local people and get to know their lifestyle, this journey will remain a good memory for you for life.


  • Ladakh by Motorcycle Tour 

Ladakh motorcycling is a unique experience that will add new color to life, this journey is an adventurous challenge for you. Which you will get a chance to get acquainted with the beauty of the Himalayas and the culture of the country, during this journey you will get a chance to explore different lands of Leh, Ladakh and Spiti. The tour of this trip will show you the beauty of Leh.


  • Uttarakhand Adventure Tour 

Uttarakhand Adventure Tour is one such experience that will give you a different color in your life, this trip will show you the beauty of Uttarakhand, and you will get a chance to see different places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie and Nainital during this trip. You will get to see the beautiful river of India and you can also do rafting in some of the rivers, you will also get to see the city like Chopta and Auli, where you can do skiing and trekking.


  • Ladakh with Himachal Tour 

Ladakh, which is situated in the impoverished north of Jammu and Kashmir, is a remarkable and lovely location. The natural beauty and tourism of this area are well-known. In addition to this, you enjoy the locals’ culture and smell. I just traveled to Ladakh and Hinalachal, and it was a vacation full of experiences. Arunachal Pradesh’s Hinalachal is a stunning location as well. You are beautiful, nature of this earth and cloud-enshrouded paradise. We left Ladakh to begin our tour and experience Ladakh’s natural beauty during the bitter winter.

We also enjoyed seeing areas like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. The Ladakh snowfall and mild air have helped our folks. Afterward we travelled to Hinachal and visited numerous well-known tourist attractions. Also, we had a great time at Tawang and Bumla Pass. We have also been really impressed by the world’s natural beauty and mountain ranges. The journey provided a wealth of knowledge about the local notables and cultures. You can also take a tour of Ladakh and Hinalachal if you wish to learn about Sanskrit and the natural world.


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