The joy of flying in the air with its allied thrill and excitement is incomparable to most the adventure sports. With the coming of age of adventure sports in India, paragliding is fast catching up as a major excursion for both local and international flying enthusiasts.

The sheer pleasure derived by sailing over vast and picturesque landscapes is amazing and along with the availability of modern infrastructure and expert guides makes paragliding quite a safe bet. Now fulfill your desire of taking to the sky with the help of our trained staff with amazing services and convenience by opting for one of our Paragliding tour packages.

Jammu Paragliding



This incredible experience will leave you spellbound and the memories will remain indelible for many years to come. So, act now for these tours and let your dreams come true in real life.



What Seven Destination offers in  Tour Packages of Paragliding in India?

Seven Destination always respects the feeling of our clients. We know people from different places and ages have a variety of tastes. So, We plan a tour and package according to your needs.


  • Bir Billing Paragliding Tour of Paragliding
  • Jammu Paragliding of Paragliding


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