Gangtok Tour Package with Nathulapass 4 Days 3 Nights




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  • Day 1: Arrive in Gangtok and stay at our hotel.
  • Day 2: City tour of Gangtok with a private cab.
  • Day 3: Trip to Nathulapass, Changu Lake, and Baba Mandir in a shared cab.
  • Day 4: Checkout and return to NJP/Airport.
  • The package includes a 3-night stay in a hotel in Gangtok.
  • Day 2: Private Cab for local sightseeing of Gangtok.
  • Day 3: Shared Cab for a trip to Nathulapass, Changu Lake, and Baba Mandir.
  • Meals can be included at an extra cost.
  • Yes, all permits and passes are included in the package.
  • Yes, any extra points for local sightseeing other than those described will be charged extra. For example, visits to Banjhakhari Waterfall, Rumtek Monastery, or any other will incur additional charges.


Accommodation: Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Gangtok offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. During your 4-day journey, you’ll enjoy a delightful stay for 3 nights in Gangtok. Our carefully selected hotel ensures not just accommodation, but a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate after each day’s adventure.

Exploration: Gangtok is a treasure trove of cultural and natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Our tour package includes guided tours to iconic landmarks such as Ganeshtok and Hanuman Tok. Ganeshtok offers panoramic views of Gangtok and the surrounding mountains, while Hanuman Tok provides a serene atmosphere for reflection and relaxation. With our knowledgeable guides leading the way, you’ll gain insight into the rich history and heritage of Gangtok, making your exploration both educational and enriching.

Nathula Pass Excursion: One of the highlights of our tour package is the excursion to Nathula Pass, a historic mountain pass located on the Indo-China border. As you journey to Nathula Pass, you’ll be mesmerized by the majestic beauty of the Himalayas unfolding before your eyes. Along the way, you’ll visit Changu Lake, a glacial lake renowned for its crystal-clear waters and scenic surroundings. You’ll also have the opportunity to pay homage at Baba Mandir, a sacred shrine dedicated to the Indian soldier Baba Harbhajan Singh. Our experienced guides will accompany you every step of the way, providing fascinating insights into the significance of each destination.

Transportation: To ensure your comfort and convenience, our tour package includes both shared and private cab services. Whether you’re exploring the city’s attractions or embarking on excursions to remote mountain passes, our reliable transportation options make getting around a breeze. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic views as our experienced drivers navigate the winding roads of Gangtok with ease.

Departure: As your unforgettable journey comes to an end, you’ll bid farewell to Gangtok with cherished memories and a longing to return. Our tour package includes hassle-free transportation back to NJP/Airport via shared cab or bus services. As you reflect on your time spent in Gangtok, you’ll carry with you not just photographs and souvenirs, but the indelible memories of a truly unforgettable experience.

Inclusions and Optional Add-ons:

In addition to accommodation for 3 nights in Gangtok, our tour package ensures you have comfortable lodging throughout your stay. Whether you prefer cozy guesthouses or luxurious hotels, we have options to suit every preference and budget. Transportation is seamlessly arranged via shared and private cab services, allowing you to navigate the city and its surroundings with ease.

While our standard package covers accommodation and transportation, we also offer optional add-ons to enhance your experience. One such option is the inclusion of meals at an extra cost. Indulge in delectable local cuisine and savor the flavors of Sikkim during your stay. Whether you’re a food enthusiast eager to explore new tastes or simply seeking convenience, our meal packages are designed to cater to your needs.

Booking Process:

Booking your Gangtok tour package is a breeze. Simply visit our website and click on the “BOOK NOW” button to secure your reservation. Our user-friendly booking platform allows you to select your desired dates, accommodation preferences, and any additional services you may require. For those who prefer a more personal touch, our dedicated team is just a phone call away. Reach out to us at 8585858400 for personalized assistance, inquiries, or special requests. We’re here to ensure your booking experience is smooth and stress-free.

Customer Support:

At Seven Destination Tour and Travels , we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. From the moment you book your tour package to the final day of your trip, our team is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Have questions about the itinerary? Need recommendations for activities or attractions? Our knowledgeable staff members are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first adventure, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your trip exceeds your expectations.

Experience Gangtok:

Prepare to be captivated by the charm and beauty of Gangtok. With our expertly crafted tour package, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality of this Himalayan gem. Explore historic sites, such as monasteries and temples, to gain insight into the region’s spiritual heritage. Embark on scenic drives through lush valleys and snow-capped peaks, soaking in the breathtaking views along the way. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or a culture enthusiast, Gangtok offers something for everyone. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Gangtok Tour from Kolkata

Embark on journey from Kolkata to Gangtok with our expertly crafted tour package. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast eager to explore the scenic beauty of the Himalayas or a culture aficionado interested in delving into Gangtok’s rich history and heritage, our tour package promises an experience like no other. Departing from Kolkata, you’ll journey through picturesque landscapes and charming towns, immersing yourself in the diverse cultures and traditions of the region. With convenient transportation options and expert guidance, your journey from Kolkata to Gangtok will be filled with adventure, discovery, and memories to last a lifetime.

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