Discovering Sikkim: A Hidden Gem in the Himalayas

Sikkim, a small state nestled in the northeastern part of India, is a slice of paradise that offers an unforgettable experience to anyone who visits. From snow-capped peaks to verdant valleys, Sikkim boasts a diverse landscape home to a rich array of flora and fauna. This landlocked state, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Its unique location in the Himalayan range contributes to its diverse climate, ranging from subtropical to high alpine.

Gangtok: The Vibrant Capital

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is a hilltop paradise that offers stunning views of the Himalayas, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant nightlife. The city is a blend of traditional and contemporary, where ancient monasteries coexist with modern cafes and shopping complexes.

Explore the charming monasteries, such as Rumtek and Enchey, that showcase the Tibetan influence on the region. Rumtek Monastery, also known as the Dharmachakra Centre, is a beautiful structure surrounded by lush green mountains. It is a significant center of Buddhist learning and culture. The Enchey Monastery, located on a hilltop, offers panoramic views of the city and is known for its religious significance and architectural grandeur.

Admire the exotic flowers and orchids at the Flower Show, a spectacle that showcases the rich biodiversity of the region. The event is a riot of colors, with various species of flowers, orchids, and other plants on display.

Enjoy a panoramic vista of the city and the mountains from Ganesh Tok and Tashi Viewpoint. Ganesh Tok, a small temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is located on a hill and offers a bird’s eye view of the city. Tashi Viewpoint is another popular spot that offers breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga snow peaks.

Pelling: A Scenic Town

Pelling, a scenic town in West Sikkim, is known for its stunning views of the Kanchenjunga peak. The town is a paradise for nature lovers, as it offers many attractions such as waterfalls, lakes, monasteries, and wildlife sanctuaries.

You can visit the ancient Pemayangtse Monastery, one of the oldest and most sacred in Sikkim. The monastery is a three-storied structure that houses numerous religious artifacts, including sculptures and paintings.

The Khecheopalri Lake, considered a sacred site, is another must-visit in Pelling. The lake is believed to fulfill the wishes of those who pray here. It is also a significant habitat for several species of birds and fish.

Seven Sisters Waterfall: A Spectacular Sight

The Seven Sisters Waterfall, which lies at a distance of around 32 km from Gangtok on the Gangtok-Lachung Highway, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Sikkim. This waterfall is a combination of seven different waterfalls that originate from different sources, flowing side by side and finally, merging into one. The sight of the waterfalls, especially during the monsoon, is a mesmerizing spectacle. The area around the waterfalls has been beautifully landscaped and offers a perfect spot for picnics.

Enchey Monastery: A Spiritual Retreat

The Enchey Monastery was established in 1909 above Gangtok. It belongs to the Nyingma order of Vajrayana Buddhism. The monastery is a significant place of worship and offers a serene environment for meditation and spiritual reflection. The annual religious dance festival ‘Chaam’ is held here during the winter months and attracts a large number of devotees and tourists.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple: A Tribute to a Soldier

The Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple is a unique attraction in Sikkim. It is dedicated to Baba Harbhajan Singh, a soldier of the Indian Army who died near the Nathula Pass. Many believe that his spirit protects the Indian soldiers stationed along the border. The temple, located amidst a beautiful landscape, is a symbol of the respect and love that the people of Sikkim have for their soldiers.


Sikkim is a treasure trove of cultural and spiritual heritage, with ancient monasteries, vibrant festivals, and warm-hearted locals who welcome visitors with open arms. Whether you’re seeking adventure, serenity, or simply a change of pace, Sikkim is the perfect destination to discover a world of natural beauty and cultural wonders. So come and explore the hidden gem Sikkim, and be prepared to fall in love with its mystical charm.