Best Solo Travel Destination India

Shillong, the “Scotland of the East”, is nestled amidst the high hills of Meghalaya, offering a captivating blend of stunning scenery, vibrant culture and colonial charm. From cascading waterfalls and serene lakes to bustling markets and historical sites, here are some of the top tourist places in Shillong that will leave you spellbound:

Best Solo Travel Destination India, Shillong Symphony of Nature:

Umiam Lake:  known as Barapani, is a man made wonder near Shillong, Meghalaya. Its main attraction lies in its stunning turquoise waters, surrounded by lush green mountains. Visitors can enjoy  activities such as sailing, kayaking, and even picnicking along its shores. The panoramic views of Shillong Peak add to the charm of this serene destination.

Elephant Falls: located just outside Shillong, is a mesmerizing natural attraction. Comprising three tiers, the waterfall is set amidst dense greenery, offering a picturesque sight. Visitors can take a refreshing dip in the natural pools formed at the base of the falls or opt for trekking through the surrounding forests to witness breathtaking views of the cascading water.

Ward Lake: situated in the heart of Shillong City, is a peaceful retreat for both locals and tourists alike. The lake, adorned with colorful flowers and surrounded by lush gardens, offers a serene environment. Visitors can enjoy  strolls, rent boats for paddling, or relax in the tranquil ambiance along the lake’s coast.

Shillong Peak: the highest point in the state of Meghalaya, is a popular tourist destination offering panoramic views of Shillong and its surroundings. Tourists can trek to the summit to witness breathtaking vistas of the city, Umiam Lake, and the lush valleys below. The peak offers an ideal sunset-watching spot, with the sky’s hues creating a mesmerizing backdrop against the landscape.

Cultural Tapestry:

Don Bosco Museum: invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Northeast India with captivating exhibitions of tribal artifacts and traditional costumes. As you explore its diverse displays, gain insightful glimpses into the region’s history and lifestyle.

Police Market in Shillong: pulsates with vibrant energy, offering a bustling atmosphere where you can haggle for local souvenirs and indulge in delicious street food delights. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance that characterizes this iconic market, a must-visit for every traveler.

Mawlynnong: known as “Asia’s Cleanest Village,” offers more than just pristine streets and sustainability. Stroll through ancient streets, marvel at living root bridges, and enjoy breathtaking waterfalls, enhancing the natural splendor of this destination.

Cherrapunji: renowned as the “wettest place on earth,” is a haven for nature lovers. Beyond cascading waterfalls and verdant valleys, immerse yourself in panoramic views of the Khasi Hills and experience the awe-inspiring Nohkalikai Falls and enchanting Seven Sisters Falls, showcasing nature’s majestic power.

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