Affordable Honeymoon Packages to Andaman  from Kolkata

Envision a romantic retreat in a tropical haven that doesn’t strain your wallet? The Andaman Islands are your answer, with their turquoise waters, unspoiled beaches, and verdant landscapes providing a dreamy backdrop for honeymooners. Depart from Kolkata and set sail to this mesmerizing archipelago with economical honeymoon packages designed to make your journey memorable.

4 Days/5 Nights: Andaman Excursion

For duos desiring a brief yet comprehensive experience, the 4-day, 5-night Andaman Excursion captivates with its fusion of natural splendor and historical fascination. Kickstart your journey by discovering the famed Havelock Island, the abode of Radhanagar Beach, frequently acclaimed as one of the world’s finest. Experience the gentle sands under your feet as you soak in the tranquility of this celebrated coastline.

Delve deeper into the island to reveal its lush rainforests and lively coral reefs, brimming with aquatic life. History buffs can pay a visit to the Cellular Jail for a touching insight into the region’s history. Once a formidable British penitentiary, it now stands as a solemn memorial, reminding visitors of the hardships faced by freedom fighters.

5 Days/6 Nights: Spectacular Andaman Tour

Prolong your honeymoon escapade with the Spectacular Andaman Tour, encompassing 5 days and 6 nights of discovery and relaxation. Submerge yourselves in the stunning landscapes and varied wildlife that characterize the Andaman Islands. Enjoy leisurely walks along the immaculate beaches of Havelock Island, where crystal-clear waters kiss the powdery white sands.

Adventure enthusiasts, the lively coral reefs of Nile Island call out to you, promising memorable snorkeling and diving experiences. Venture into the core of Baratang Island’s thick rainforests, where mud volcanoes and limestone caves lie hidden amidst a setting of unique flora and fauna. Each day brings new adventures, crafting memories to treasure long after your honeymoon concludes.

6 Days/5 Nights: Andaman Group Expedition

Assemble your friends and set off on a group journey with the 6-day, 5-night Andaman Group Expedition. Crafted for those seeking fellowship and shared experiences, this package provides a dynamic mix of activities and sightseeing prospects. Traverse the archipelago’s scenic beaches and lively coral reefs, immersing yourselves in the beauty of your environment.

From snorkeling and diving to tasting local delicacies and uncovering concealed historical treasures, each day offers new opportunities for bonding and adventure. Whether you’re relaxing on sun-drenched shores or embarking on jungle hikes, the Andaman Islands provide the perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories with your dearest friends.


Flee the hustle and bustle of Kolkata and set off on an economical honeymoon adventure in the Andaman Islands. With packages customized to accommodate every preference and schedule, you can immerse yourselves in the region’s natural allure, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re in pursuit of secluded romance or group camaraderie, the Andaman Islands guarantee an unforgettable retreat for honeymooners of all types.