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Seven Destination is the best travel partner of all adventure addicts. We are mostly known for our trekking and camping tours taking place every weekend, serving many of our adventure-loving partners, delivering them the flavor of delight, and all these at a subsidized cost.

But behind this summit of success, a story of the long and tiring journey is buried. We started just as a small group with few members and took the oath of keeping the eyes of a peripatetic always filled with the tears of excitement. It was December 2019 when we started punching footprints on this stimulating path of journey.

SevenDestination.com is a West-Bengal based travel management website in India. This Website was established in the year 2020 by Mr. Vivek Sharma. His prime motive for founding the company was to provide the best services in the Indian tourism industry at economical charges. Under his leadership, we render multiple services like campaigning all over India and offering tours and travelers at an economical price. All our services are proffered in compliance with industry standards.



Our team consisted of true adventurous, hard-working, and daring mates. It’s stood out to be our most significant area of strength. Finally, by the beginning of February 2020, we decided to showcase our safaris in front of this world and attract several other daredevils with courageous hearts ready to smash off the routine life and rush towards the aroma of thrill.

By the mid of Feb 2020, we have observed a new phase of stimulation. Our group transformed from a baby plant to a well-grown tree. We succeeded in building a platform to boost our screened pilgrimages and even acquired a considerable gathering of an eccentric audience.

We decided to remain dedicated to our mission and keep on replicating all our success. Our dedicated team behind this empire is relentless to bring all the brave hearts under one manifesto and construct the most massive army of daredevils.

Man Behind Offering Memorable Journey.


Mr. Vivek Sharma


Prime Motive

  • Economical and Affordable Price
  • Professional Experience
  • Journey Photography
  • Video Memory 

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