108 Name of Devi Durga as Follows

Sati – The one who underwent self-immolation.
Saadhvi – The embodiment of serenity and righteousness.
Bhavaprita – Beloved by the universe.
Bhavaani – The divine abode of the cosmos.
Bhavamochani – The liberator of the universe.
Aarya – The divine and revered goddess.
Durga – The unconquerable and formidable.
Jaya – The triumphant and victorious.
Aadya – The primal reality.
Trinetra – The one with three eyes.
Shooldharini – The bearer of Shiva’s trident.
Pinaakadharini – The holder of Shiva’s trident.
Chitra – The picturesque and captivating.
Chandaghanta – The one with resounding bells.
Mahatapa – The ascetic with great austerity.
Manah – The embodiment of the mind.
Buddhi – The personification of intelligence.
Ahankaara – The one with a sense of pride.
Chittarupa – The one existing in thought.
Chita – The symbolic death-bed.
Chiti – The thinking and contemplative mind.
Sarvamantramayi – Possessor of all instruments of thought.
Satta – The one transcending all.
Satyanandasvarupini – The embodiment of eternal bliss.
Ananta – The limitless and immeasurable.
Bhaavini – The embodiment of beauty.
Bhaavya – Symbolizing the future.
Bhavya – Radiating magnificence.
Abhavya – Inspiring awe or fear.
Sadagati – Always in motion, bestowing salvation (Moksha).
Shabambhavi – The consort of Shambhu (Shiva).
Devamata – The mother goddess.
Chinta – The symbol of anxiety or tension.
Ratnapriya – Adorned and cherished by jewels.
Sarvavidya – Possessing profound knowledge.
Dakshakanya – The daughter of Daksha.
Dakshayajavinashini – The disruptor of Daksha’s sacrifice.
Aparna – The one who abstains even from leaves while fasting.
Anekavarna – The one with multiple complexions.
Paatala – Resplendent in red color.
Paatalavati – Adorned in attire of red.
Pattaambaraparidhaana – Clad in a dress made of leather.
Kalamanjiiraranjini – Adorned with musical anklets.
Ameyaa – Beyond measurement or bounds.
Vikrama – Exuding power and fierceness.
Krrooraa – Ferocious, especially towards demons.
Sundari – Radiantly beautiful.
Sursundari – Exceptionally and divinely beautiful.
Vandurga – The goddess of the forest.
Maatangi – The goddess associated with Matanga.
Matangamunipujita – Revered by Sage Matanga.
Braahmi – Possessing the power of God Brahma.
Maaheshvari – Manifestation of the power of Lord Mahesh (Shiva).
Aeindri – Embodiment of the power of God Indra.
Kaumaari – Symbolic of adolescence.
Vaishnavi – The invincible goddess.
Chaamunda – The vanquisher of the demons Chanda and Munda.
Vaarahi – The one who rides upon Varaah (Boar incarnation of Vishnu).
Lakshmi – The goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Purushaakriti – The one who assumes the form of a man.
Vimalauttkarshini – The bestower of unadulterated joy.
Gyaana – Abounding in knowledge.
Kriya – The eternal one, engaged in perpetual action.
Buddhida – The grantor of wisdom.
Bahubla – The one who appears in various forms.
Bahulaprema – Loved and cherished by many.
Sarvavahanavahana – The rider of all vehicles.
NishumbhaShumbhaHanani – The destroyer of the demon-brothers Shumbha and Nishumbha.
MahishasuraMardini – The conqueror of the buffalo demon Mahishasura.
MadhuKaitabhaHantri – The slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha.
ChandaMundaVinashini – The annihilator of the ferocious demons Chanda and Munda.
Sarvasuravinasha – The destroyer of all demons.
Sarvadaanavaghaatini – Possessing the power to vanquish all demons.
Sarvashaastramayi – Proficient in all theories and knowledge.
Satya – The embodiment of truth.
Sarvaastradhaarini – Possessor of all missile weapons.
Anekashastrahasta – Holder of numerous hand weapons.
AnekastraDhaarini – Bearer of an array of missile weapons.
Komaari – The gracefully beautiful adolescent.
Ekakanya – The symbol of the girl child.
Kaishori – The representation of adolescence.
Yuvati – The epitome of womanhood.
Yati – The ascetic, one who renounces worldly attachments.
Apraudha – The one who never ages or becomes old.
Vriddhamaata – The venerable or elderly mother (loosely).
Balaprada – The bestower of strength.
Mahodari – The one with a vast belly that encompasses the universe.
Muktakesha – Adorned with open and flowing tresses.
Ghorarupa – Possessing a formidable and fierce appearance.
Mahaabala – Endowed with immense strength.
Agnijwaala – Burning and poignant like fire.
Raudramukhi – Displaying a fierce countenance like the destructive god Rudra (Shiva).
Kaalaratri – The goddess with a dark, night-like appearance.
Tapasvini – Engaged in rigorous penance.
Narayani – The destructive aspect of Lord Narayana (Brahma).
Bhadrakaali – The fierce form of Goddess Kali.
Vishnumaya – Enveloped in the divine spell of Lord Vishnu.
Jalodari – The abode of the ethereal universe.
Shivadooti – The ambassador of Lord Shiva.
Karaali – The embodiment of fierceness and violence.
Ananta – The representation of the infinite and boundless.
Parameshvari – The ultimate and supreme goddess.
Katyayani – The goddess revered by Sage Katyayana.
Savitri – The daughter of the Sun God Savitr.
Pratyaksha – The one who is undeniably real.
Brahmavaadini – The one who is omnipresent and embodies the wisdom of God Brahma.